How to wear sequins so as not to look tacky

Quick-fix style guide for wearing beads and ornaments without looking tacky. Suggested clothing and piece inspirations are included!

Sequins are not strictly for fancy occasions anymore, which means that their many forms can range from ultra fabulous to not-so-great. Over-the-top sequin outfits with multiple complex features can often tip the scales in the direction of “tacky” without proper design and shaping. Follow these top three tips so you can be sure to wear sequins the right way.

1. ForEvening Wear, ChooseDark Tones and Simple Shaping

One of the best ways to choose your sequin dress is to look for simple color tones and styles. The sequinedoff-the-shoulder dress of Deema Al Asadi x This Look Style is an example of a classy aperfect way to wear beads. The black and dark dark huesadd surface while the drop shoulder and the straight silhouette cut create a silhouette. Be sure to wear little or no jewelry to allow your sequindress to be in the center of the

2. For Casual Wear, Embrace Union of Opposites

Sequins can work fabulously on casual pieces as well. For bestresults, opt for pieces with one central embellishment, like this sequined detailsweater, which unites all-purpose sportswear fabric with afloral-inspired embellished pattern. Pair your with a skirt or simple skinnyjeans for the ultimate casual outfit.

3. Sequins Aren’t Just For Tops

Sequins and embellished jewel details are also migrating below thetypical fashion waistline. For example, these pearl detail tights are the ultimate tasteful addition to yourcasual wardrobe and add just the right amount of twinkle to your everyday look.Pair these tights with your long flow tops, shift dresses, and mini skirts tocreate uniquely layered looks that are all your own.

The next time you consider a disguised lacy dress, ask yourself: is this fine enough? Memories of key tocas sequins are in the balance of glossy detail and comfortable knitwear. For the evenings, stick to simple clothing without additional layers (avoid headers or ruffles) and choose a flattened color palette that does not flatten.